Nov 27-Dec 1 | Chicago, IL

Expand Radiology’s Role in Patient Care

Visit Merge at RSNA - Booth #2538

What Are Radiology's Next Frontiers?

RSNA 2016 encourages radiologists to think beyond imaging and explore new ways to maximize radiology’s role in patient care. Merge and IBM Watson Health Imaging have been working together in the spirit of RSNA's vision to expand the role of radiology beyond imaging alone and across the continuum of care.

Through new cognitive solutions we plan to bring to market in 2017, it is ultimately our goal to provide a better, more integrated medical imaging experience for you and your organization.

Visit Merge at Booth 2538 to:
  • Learn how Merge plans to add cognitive healthcare capabilities to its existing solution suite as we continue to bring imaging innovation to our customers as a member of the Watson Health medical imaging collaborative.
  • See how Merge delivers a better imaging experience through a comprehensive suite of medical imaging solutions including advanced technologies in image data capture, management, viewing, and sharing across the enterprise.
  • Discover how Merge is expanding its global footprint through the growth of our sales and support resources beyond the U.S.
  • Hear up-to-the-minute updates on Watson Health Imaging's plans to commercialize cognitive healthcare offerings in 2017. We introduced our vision for these solutions at RSNA 2015; visit us this year to learn how we are turning that vision into reality.

We're proud to be at the frontier of medical imaging, and we want you there with us. Schedule a meeting with Merge or Watson Health Imaging to see how our solutions go beyond imaging, share your insight into the challenges and opportunities radiologists are facing, and discuss how we can work together to transform the delivery of patient care.

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Watson Clinical Integration Module

This cloud application aims to present intelligently compiled clinical information based on the indications for an exam as well as Watson's understanding of clinical relevance. This module aims at increasing reader efficiency and helping counteract some of the most common causes of errors in medical imaging, such as base rate neglect, anchoring, bias, framing bias, and premature closure.

Lesion Segmentation and Tracking Module

This module aims to automatically segment (outline and measure) physician-marked lesions, pre-mark new exams with the index lesions from prior exams, and produce tracking tables. The module aims to speed the interpretation and reporting of comparison exams in cancer patients and others patients whose findings require longitudinal tracking.

Marktation Medical Interpretation Process

Marktation is a process for interpreting medical images. When a physician labels findings on an image using text or speech recognition, the text label is simultaneously stored on the image and pushed into the clinical report. Additionally, Watson anatomical image analytics enables the text label to be posted into the right position of the clinical report and automatically adds a description of the anatomical location to the physician's label. Marktation is a reading paradigm shift aiming to improve reading speed and accuracy.

Watson Health Imaging Cognitive Solutions

Code Name: Iaso
A cognitive "peer review" tool used to detect and reconcile differences between clinical evidence and the patient’s EMR problem list and billing records with the ability to be used prospectively as well
Code Name: Gaborone
A cognitive data summarization tool that looks expansively at available patient data sources, filters and presents the contextually relevant information within a single view
Code Name: Avicenna
A cognitive physician support tool that suggests differential diagnoses options to help inform the physician’s decisions for the patient
Watson for Oncology
Improves clinical decision making by integrating disparate patient data and images in one workflow to drive evidence-based treatment recommendations

*The capabilities referenced as Works in Progress are in the research and development phase and are not available for any use, commercial or non-commercial. Any statements and claims related to the capabilities referenced are aspirational only.