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Risky Business: The Perils of Neglecting Enterprise Data Management

As you know, the imaging world is transforming. The proliferation of mobile devices in the hands of clinicians, the ad hoc storage of medical images, and the growth of imaging procedures conducted outside of radiology and cardiology have resulted in a host of concerns regarding security and compliance. Creating a comprehensive image data management program that helps your organization better access, manage and protect images can be challenging, but an enterprise-wide strategy, with a vendor neutral archive (VNA) at its core, can address risks and compliance while improving patient care.

Download Merge’s new white paper and learn how an enterprise image data management strategy can:

Mitigate the dangers of insecure images stored on CDs, flash drives, computer desktops and smartphones
Help organizations manage access to images with the appropriate levels of security
Safely address the growing need to acquire and share images across the continuum of care

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