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Why Managing Image Data Across the Enterprise Matters

Judges and juries make decisions only after they have heard testimony that tells “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. The same rule needs to be applied to clinicians before making important patient care decisions. Although electronic medical records (EMRs) provide clinicians access to a patient’s medical history, EMRs only tell part of the story – not enough to make informed care decisions. However, with a comprehensive data management strategy in place, previously hidden data can be accessed and integrated, painting a more complete picture for patients and providers alike.

Download Merge’s latest whitepaper to learn how an enterprise data management strategy can help you:

Obtain a consolidated view of a patient’s comprehensive health record, making it possible to reach the most informed patient-care decisions
Achieve economies of scale, reduce redundancy, integrate care delivery and improve competitiveness
Optimize your EMR investment by having images available at the point of care across the continuum

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