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Empowering Heroes, Transforming Health

IBM Watson Health is pursuing cognitive innovations to transform medical imaging

At IBM Watson Health, we are passionate about empowering healthcare leaders and influencers. We’re striving to make meaningful progress to build a healthier future for people and communities around the world. Our mission is to minimize the obstacles, silos, and unnecessary complexities you face while tirelessly working towards advancing patient care.

Download our educational webinar to learn more about:

  • Our vision for bringing cognitive computing to the field of medical imaging and the progress we’ve made so far
  • The benefits of partnering with Watson Health

True transformation takes time and requires strong partnerships between vendors, industries and academics. Our goal is to define the right approach to cognitive computing based on your needs and objectives so you can have confidence in decisions made today, and conviction in taking the best path forward.


Presented By

Steve Tolle
Global VP, Strategy & Business Development
Watson Health
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