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Automate your prior authorization process

Maintaining your financial health by reducing operational costs and minimizing claims rejections can be an ongoing battle. Do you handle each prior authorization differently, depending on the payer and their Radiology Benefit Manager (RBM)? Is the process overwhelming, creating anxiety over whether you’re following the rules appropriately? And at the end of the day, do you still end up with denied claims?

Download this session with Jim McDonnell from IBM Watson Health and Scott Cowsill from AIM Specialty Health, one of the industry-leading RBMs, to discover new strategies that can help you:
  • Streamline operations by implementing an end-to-end process that works for all prior authorizations, regardless of payer
  • Align with the requirements of payers and be confident in the integrity of your partners
  • Add value to your referrers and increase their loyalty

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Presented By

   Jim McDonnell
   Head of iConnect Network
   IBM Watson Health
   Scott Cowsill
   Senior Director, Integrated Preauthorization & Clinical Decision Support
   AIM Specialty Health

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