Discover what's new with Merge PACS 8.0

Two session options to suit your interests

Download our educational webinar to learn about the new and exciting features now available with Merge PACS™ 8.0. The hour-long webinar is split into two 30-minute sessions — the first focusing on what’s new for clinicians, and the second on innovative features for IT leaders.

Session 1: Physician Focus | First 30 minutes
Learn how Merge PACS can help you:
  • Launch viewers from different vendors from a single worklist
  • Visualize your contributions and capture reading and non-reading activities
  • Aggregate worklist blocks into a unified worklist
Session 2: IT Focus | Last 30 minutes
Learn how Merge PACS can help you:
  • Ensure studies are routed to the most appropriate reading physician 
  • Gain insights into reading activities across the enterprise
  • Turn your worklist into the one interface you need to access AI-enabled solutions

Download the webinar and pick which half hour is right for you.

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Presented By

Troy Oliphant
Sr Solution Manager: Merge PACS
IBM Watson Health