Classroom Training: Advanced RadSuite/iCEA Technical Training (ARTT)

Course Description

This class provides PACS and IT professionals with advanced technical skills required to truly comprehend, manage and troubleshoot the Merge RadSuite/VNA solution at the server level. This course is ideal for those that have an intermediate level of computer and networking knowledge and wish to expand their skill set and make the most of it to analyze and interpret PACS commands, logs and reports.

Prerequisites: The trainee should have completed the BOAT class, have a minimum of 2 months experience using the Merge solution, and have a basic understanding of Linux commands. Non technical trainees are welcome but they should (highly recommended) complete the TPACS class and demonstrate a desire to acquire very technical computer skills. the ECM solution. Attendees should also complete the Linux class if they are new to command line interfaces (e.g. DOS, UNIX, LINUX).

Topics Covered

  • Data flow through applications, components and plug-ins.

  • Cluster types, software, processes and ports.

  • Introduction to HL7
  • HL7 flow to/from the Multicaster, Worklist, Prefetcher, Router, Admin GUI, RadSuite

  • DICOM flow to/from Modalities, Worklist, Prefetcher, Router, ECM, RadSuite
  • DICOM store simulation, worklist query simulation, logs and troubleshooting

  • Introduction to Routing Rules, WebAdmin, database & log checks

  • MWL Worklist Server; MWL-R configuration; TWF Plug-In
  • Introduction Prefetching Rules, WebAdmin, database & log checks

Deletor, Watermark & Policies
  • Deletion plug-ins, services; their algorithms and vetoers

  • WebAdmin user groups and privileges; Back-end server security

Storage and Exceptions
  • Temp directory, DICOM validation, Unique Constraints, File Systems, cleanup

Data Integrity
  • Quality of data (missing data, duplicate MRNs and names, incorrect data)

Image Volume
  • Capturing, Interpreting, Trending and Analyzing Study, Image and Gig Volume

Logistics & Registration

Customers / Employees

Length of Course:
5 days

Watson Health, Daytona Beach
325 Bill France Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 253-6222
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