Summer Webinar Series

Looking for ways to improve your imaging operations?

Join Watson Health Imaging as we explore and address the operational challenges imaging organizations like yours face when connecting with referrers and payers. 

Webinar #1 - Tuesday, July 24, 12 PM - 12:30 PM CST Get your imaging orders in order: Did you miss webinar #1? Download the webinar recording HERE and discover new strategies that can help you connect easily with your referring physicians, obtain clean orders with clinical notes, and add value to increase referring loyalty.

Webinar #2 – Tuesday, August 7, 12 PM - 12:45 PM CST - Automate your prior authorization process: Did you miss webinar #2? Download the webinar recording HERE and learn how to streamline operations by implementing a high-integrity, end-to-end process that IBM Watson Health has developed in conjunction with our RBM partners.

Webinar #3 – Tuesday, August 21, 12 PM - 12:30 PM CST - Explore the patient access journey: Our third webinar continues the discussion beyond orders and prior authorizations to other bottlenecks in your imaging business operations. Learn about other pieces of the imaging operations puzzle and how to identify areas for improvement and automation throughout your organization. 

Webinar Presenters:
Shawna Duncan
Webinar #1 Presenter

Optimization Executive,
iConnect® Network Services
IBM Watson Health

Jim McDonnell
Webinar #2 Presenter

Head of iConnect® Network
IBM Watson Health

Scott Cowsill
Webinar #2 Presenter

Senior Director,
Integrated Preauthorization
& Clinical Decision Support
AIM Specialty Health

Pete Nanos
Webinar #3 Presenter

Senior Offering Manager
IBM Watson Health

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Presented By

Pete Nanos, Webinar #3 Presenter
Senior Offering Manager, Watson Health Imaging
Fun fact about Pete - Watson Health Disruptor Forum 1st and 2nd place - 2017 for the idea to expand iCNS beyond Radiology to all of healthcare and to use iCNS technology to quickly extract data by using a simple cloud based printer.
Shawna Duncan, Webinar #1 Presenter